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We launched this website with the aim of bringing pet owners, and those who may not have pets but who may like to mind pets, together. Reciprocity is the name of the game: responding to a positive action with another positive action. Not everyone who seeks a pet minder will be in a position to in turn mind a pet but that is the aim. Also there will be folks who can mind a pet but who themselves perhaps do not have any pets

In 2015 we set up an online fundraiser to help cover the veterinary costs for a homeless disabled dog in Peru called Chiquita. Chiquita's story was highlighted in an article on the well known animal welfare site, The Dodo. Chiquita's story was published in the UK's Daily Mirror newspaper, Germany's Bild, Italy's Mediaset, AOL and other online media. We exceeded our goal thanks to the fantastic generosity of people. Chiquita's story is outlined in the video below.



In the past we have been involved with an animal rescue organisation abroad, helping with the international adoption of a disabled wheelchair bound dog called Tuzik, acting as a media liaison and helping with language interpretation. Tuzik's story is outlined in the videos below. 



We have a Yorkie of our own (our own bundle of joy) and realise the potential benefit of such a site. We thought it would be a good idea to try and set up a site such as MindMyPet - we thought that if we would use such a service then others might also (the only problem was that no such service existed at that time!) So, here we are - if MindMyPet helps folks that's great!


Here at MindMyPet you will be able to search for someone to mind your pet for free or you will be able to offer to mind someone's pet for free, of course there will be incidental expenses such as food etc. There could be someone in your own area, even on your own street possibly, who could mind your pet but very often you may not even know that - that's where MindMyPet can help.

The site is totally free, there are no membership charges whatsoever.
When you register as a member you can upload photos and videos of your pet(s). MindMyPet was the first service of its kind in Ireland, since then other similar services have been launched, however, these other services are commercial. MindMyPet started as, is and will remain a non-commercial, free service. The aim of MindMyPet is to benefit pet owners and their pets, not to make money. MindMyPet is essentially a community service, not a commercial enterprise.   

We hope you find this site helpful, don't worry if there aren't members within your area as yet, it takes a little time to spread the word and build up a network - you can help in that endeavour by clicking on the "Invite A Friend" tab, the more members the better for everyone!

Please Help CARE to Help Animals!

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